Bread & Pizza


    2 days course: 6 hours total

Bread & Pizza

Bread is the most miraculous of foods and one of the most fascinating procedures created by man which clearly illustrates how the food we eat is an element in the natural food chain and not something found on supermarket shelves.

We will focus on yeasts and a variety of bread making techniques. How to know and choose your flours is another crucial issues nowadays, related with the industrial treatments of the wheat and all its consequences in terms of lost of nutritional properties and reactions of intolerance. A special focus on rising times, baking techniques and using the equipment you can find in your home.

We will also create our own sourdough starter that you can feed. If you are diligent, take home and integrate it into your own family patrimony that you pass down for generations. The lessons will conclude at the table enjoying our leavened creations accompanied by salumi, cheeses and the ubiquitous glass of wine.

Day 1

  • Schiacciata (Tuscan focaccia)

  • Soda Bread with seeds

  • Pan Brioche

Day 2

  • Pizza

  • Baguette/Tuscan loaf bread (unsalted)

Price: depends on number of people, ask us.

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