Full immersion


    5 day course (20 hrs total)

Full immersion

“Full immersion” is an introduction and provision of ingredient sourcing with all of the details that surrounds it to start. The four days in the kitchen to experiment with techniques and cooking traditional Tuscan cuisine. Each lesson is set around four major themes that permit exposure to every step of recipe preparation substituting complex and lengthy preparations with simple, fast and and above all super tasty dishes suitable to the daily diet. The courses are hands-on and each participant works with the support of the chef to try each technique.

Courses start at 9:30am; Monday through Friday. Duration 4 hours. Each lesson will result in four or five dishes which we will enjoy together following out lesson while continuing to learn at the table. Wine and recipes included.

  • Day 1. Course introduction and Antipasti.

  • Day 2. Fresh pasta, sauces and soups.

  • Day 3. Meat.

  • Day 3. Fish.

  • Day 5. Market visit vegetables and sides.

Day 1:

Welcome to your new you; every good day starts with a good coffee! 4hrs

  • Breakfast.

  • What makes a balanced menu?

  • Caloric contributions; what really counts?

  • Have you ready your labels lately? Making smart choices.

  • Antipasti.

In our first meeting, we will get to know each other over a fantastic espresso and lay down the basics and source our ingredients in a way that will make everything that follows easier. How to choose what to buy, how to recognize freshness, how to save flavors, nutrition and of course, save money. We will then be ready to start at the beginning and we begin with Antipasti.

Day 2:

First courses; fresh pasta, sauces and soups: 4 hrs

  • Preparation; cleaning ingredients, cutting techniques, cooking bases.

  • Pasta.

  • Fillings and sauces.

The selection of recipes will be dictated in detail by what is fresh and available in the market based on the season. A preparation of about three first courses allows us to present a variety of sauces from raw to complex, simple pasta to filled pasta as well as a variety of techniques. All recipes will emphasized flavor and simplicity so everyone will be able to repeat at home.

Day 3:

Meat hold the potatoes: 4 hours

  • Theory.

  • Cuts.

  • Cooking methods.

  • Complex versus fast preparations.

  • Side dishes.

How to ask for the cuts you need from the butcher, how to use cuts you find and how to take advantage of every bit of the protein before you. We will learn knive techniques, conservation methods, grill, bake, and sear. There will always be a vegetable accompaniment that complements each main dish prepared.

Day 4:

Fish, what a dish!: 4 hrs

  • Theory.

  • Descaling, cuts and fillets.

  • Preparation methods.

  • Sauces.

Learn how to recognize freshness, use only local seafood: fish from the sea nearby or from environmentally friendly farms. How to cherish raw flavors and preserve taste through cooking. We will also discuss the benefits of preserved fish such as cod, herring, anchovies & mullet. Seafood stars at the table will include fish and pasta, a winning combination as well as second course selections.

Day 5:

Harvesting at the Market: Vegetables and more!: 4 hrs

  • Pasta.

  • Quiche, crustless casseroles.

  • Side dishes.

Today we will be raw material hunters and what better place to do so than at the market. Learn how to apply everything we have studied and how to recognize your ideal ingredients at your markets at home. And from the market we return to the table with a bounty of vegetables to work with. We will use every part wasting nothing, learn knife and conservation techniques. Vegetables will be the stars of our menu, not just a garnish on the side of the plate but they will shine, burst with flavor and satisfy both your palate and your hunger.

Price: depends on number of people, ask us.

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