University courses

University courses

We have a several years experience in courses included into the study plan of study abroad college programs in florence.

Introduction to italian cuisine

Italy, a country that has been occupied and traversed by many different populations, has one of the most developed culinary traditions in the world.

The unique cultural heritage left by each population was subsequently integrated into the italian culture – particularly the gastronomic culture, which in its present day form is characterized by a complex interplay of local ingredients and traditions expressed by the variety and diversity of italian regional cuisine.

This course, allowing students to experience food on both a theoretical and a practical level, will introduce them to the social, historical, and cultural elements that have affected and contributed to the constitution of the actual culinary landscape, enabling them to understand the interaction of these components and their integration within the italian gastronomic culture. Furthermore it will provide students with fundamental knowledge of italian ingredients, their history, origin , characteristics, specificity and production.

Combining theory and cooking classes will allow students to acquire the fundamental techniques of italian cuisine and the manual cooking skills required for the preparation of italian dishes, ranging from fresh pasta, risotto, meat and fish dishes, fresh vegetables and desserts, from all over the country.

Course customization

The course can be customized and adapted to the core themes of the study abroad program, such as nutrition, history, sustainability, hospitality. We are available to customize courses according to each program’s needs.

Here you have some examples of customized core themes and courses that we can offer:

  • mediterranean diet and health

  • cuisine throughout history (roman, medieval and renaissance cuisine)

  • regional cuisine

  • food sustainability

  • sustainable restaurant management

  • food waste

Extra curricular activities

We also have a long experience in extra-curricular activities such as seminars, cooking classes, tastings, and food tours.

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